August Roundup: Hottest Digital Media trends

Advancements in the digital marketing landscape is opening up a wealth of opportunities for businesses to get creative. The digital marketplace with its evolutionary nature and broad scope is stirring up excitement here at JM Digital so we’ve compiled our top 5 most noteworthy digital media trends of the past month.   Mobile   Mobile is becoming the fastest-growing platform for several services including mobile gaming, market research and m-commerce with retailers seeing an increase in people shopping via their smartphone. founder, Ashley Friedlein said to think of mobile as being the glue that connects the online and the offline as it presents innovative ways to connect video with print, for instance, and brands with consumers. It’s imperative for companies to be social and utilise multi-channel marketing to heighten the overall user-experience.   A report from Juniper Research predicts that consumers will spend more than £465 billion a year on digital and physical goods through mobile devices by 2017, meanwhile marketers could be able to use mobile surveys to gather real-time data from consumers. According to Research Now, which spoke to people in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, 83% of the people on their research panel say they’d be happy to be surveyed via their smartphone while shopping.   SMS Marketing   Based on the above information, it appears that marketers would be foolish to rule out text messages as a direct marketing channel as almost half of UK consumers (48%) would be ‘quite likely’ or ‘highly likely’ to respond to text offers if they came from a company they’d  already purchased from. The findings come from a survey of more than 1,000 consumers by Text Marketer, which also highlighted that a further 49% of respondents said they’d opt into a text offer list and 68% would be open to receiving special offers straight to their phones.   Content Marketing   Most companies take advantage of content marketing in one form of another but it’s an avenue that could contribute greatly towards fostering your reputation as an expert in your field, generating more website traffic, increasing your conversion rate and engaging with your audience. Consumers are hungry for information and you’re in a position to feed their craving which is why getting to grips with blog posts, content curation via social networks and producing whitepapers or webinars, for example, is so vital to building your brand image and online presence.   Rich Media   So if consumers are addicted to information they’re also going to be pretty responsive to the form in which it comes and that should include videos, images, audio, slideshows and any other gimmicks that are available. As a company you want to solidify your presence on video-sharing sites. YouTube currently has over 800 million unique visitors each month and on the social side of life - 500 years worth of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook and over 700 shared on Twitter each minute.   Social scrap-booking and visually-led sites like Pinterest are also gaining a ridiculous amount of subscribers for the same reason. Users like to be part of a community and absolutely love to share things which is perfect for brands who want to create a buzz around them and have something equally as interesting to stick on the pinboard.   Social Gifting   This is a relatively new concept in the UK which was picked up recently by Marketing Week, but essentially it enables customers to receive gift cards and vouchers through Facebook or a mobile app. Much of the emphasis on social gifting is alerting people to brands and it being a “promotional mechanism” rather than a place for discounts. Social gifting site, Wrapp, which launched in the UK in March has already brought retailers ASOS, Karen Millen and Pizza Express on board while competitor, DropGifts has the likes of Urban Outfitters, John Lewis and SpaFinder signed up to its service. Retailers get offline data, consumers get to share their favourite brand with a friend and hopefully those friends then engage with your brand. Being generous has never been so profitable.   JM Digital specialise in finding the right candidates to suit our clients’ digital needs. For more details of our digital recruitment services please visit our website to contact us. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter posting the most up-to-date industry news and job alerts.