Five tips for improving your UX user experience

Individuals can spend hours searching for ways to develop their website, increase engagement and improve their applications. However, we have come up with 5 simple but effective top tips for improving your UX user experience. 1.   Be impressionable Making an impression is important and the first one will last. A website will be judged on a number of things such as the design, layout, colour schemes and trust. It needs to look professional and sleek whilst upholding the idea that you aren’t a scam website. To present yourselves as visually appealing is key. This doesn’t mean you will need to overcomplicate the process but be creative and dare to be different. 2.  Excellent customer experience not just service It is important that you are responsive. Always ask questions, get involved in discussions – not only solve problems. This will position you as a thought leader in your industry rather than a hard-nosed business. Generate ideas that will interest people such as games, surveys and polls. Even follow up further from the results of these to show you monitor user experience. 3. Be concise It is important that individuals aren’t questioning your content. You need to be clear with regular calls to action. That way, a user can read and understand and then act upon the request. Sometimes layouts can be confusing also, so be aware of how you set it out.  4.    Remove stuff  Adding to the idea of overcomplicating things, think outside the box and remember not everyone will have the experience you have when accessing your website. Ensure that you remove anything that is cluttered, confusing or visually unappealing to the eye. It doesn’t matter how ‘cool’ it is, users are looking for one thing: to find what they need.  5.    Increase speeds Make sure that the speed that your page loads is fast. If it takes too long and has too many features to load, remove them and increase the speed. If it takes too long, users will leave and then in effect your website will become useless. Do you have any other UX User Experience Tips? JM Digital want to hear from you.