We've been shortlisted for the REC IRP Awards 2012

At JM digital, we are proud to declare that we have been nominated for the ‘Best Company to Work for (up to 250 employees)’ award at the REC IRP Awards 2012. The IRP Awards are a chance to showcase particular companies to celebrate their distinction and achievements in recruitment. We have had a busy year at JM Digital, with the launch of our new website and joining social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By using these we have began to branch out and increase our networks on multiple channels. We are proud to say this has been very successful, as we have made it to the finals for the Awards. We are always trying to engage our audience with relevant digital recruitment news and updates, keeping in tune with forth coming events and increasing the awareness of what we do and what jobs we have to offer. Our blogs are a chance to expand on these topics, which we are beginning to showcase to spark off discussions on our JM Group LinkedIn group. Lauren Currie, Social Media Strategist from @Klood_com said: “I am thoroughly pleased for JM Digital. After working with them for several months, I have found that they are hard working, passionate and determined. They are always finding new content, keen to get involved, and are prompt and efficient when needed. This enthusiasm and productiveness will definitely guarantee them future success and the chance to expand their networks even further.” The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 25th October 2012 at Grange St Paul’s Hotel in London. All the money, which is, raised form the event will go to KidsOut Charity, which focuses on happiness to the lives of disadvantaged children.