Job hunting during the holidays

As well as being a time to enjoy with family and friends, Christmas can provide an excellent opportunity for expanding your career. At this time of year shopping days are extended, the high-street fills up and companies begin to take on new staff to accommodate the extra consumers. By utilising all of the benefits of the festive period the New Year could bring with it a new job. Towards the end of the year many businesses will be considering their economic growth, and will be taking on new employees to facilitate this. This would be a perfect time to get a ‘foot in the door’ and establish yourself as a permanent edition to the company. There are also other options available during the holiday season. Companies will have a greater demand placed on them by customers and so will hire temporary workers. This may sound like a short term fix but many temporary positions can lead to permanent employment provided the business has the funding. Another opportunity that should be taken advantage of is the influx of invitations to Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, these can be the perfect venues for networking and getting your name out there. There are many ways in which job seekers can capitalise on the increase in employment at Christmas time. This is the time to truly sell yourself, tailor applications specifically for the position you are applying for and include any experience that could be relevant. If you are hired as a seasonal temp use this as a stage to showcase how fantastic you would be as a permanent employee, this means hard work and dedication. If it is not possible to network in business circles just apply the same technique to social gatherings, it is likely someone will know of a current or future position available. Also Networking doesn’t have to stop there, take advantage of social media, it can be an extremely powerful tool if it is used correctly, websites such as LinkedIn are perfect for this very thing. Gifts such tablets, software and smartphones are becoming more and more mainstream, and this is creating a greater demand on the digital marketplace at Christmas. Those specialised within this field should use this time of year as a springboard to acquire much sought after positions.