The Next Hot Skill Set in Digital

A recent trend has seen an increase in the amount of companies planning to hire tech professionals, with the number rising each year. A proficiency in IT has always been sought after in the business world as it is an ever present necessity in nearly all aspects of corporate life. This being said, businesses are not hiring technologists indiscriminately, they are seeking very specific skills that will help them to compete in today’s modern world. With the increased use of social media and mobile devices, the demand for employees with a digital skill set has never been higher, however it has become clear that there is a shortage. This shortage is being blamed, in part due to a lack of computer science education within schools and there are already campaigns in place to combat this. The digital skills that are most sought after include user experience designers, developers, and project managers across e-commerce, social media and mobile/tablet platforms. JM Digital launched a competition back in 2012 to find out what the next hot skill set in Digital would be, here are the results. Project Management The increase in projects has meant a greater demand for project managers, especially those with relevant experience. As connectivity between applications increases, projects are becoming more complex and the need for managers will most likely grow even further in the future. In the JM Digital poll, project management came in third place with only 13% of the votes. Creative Design With websites, applications and social media becoming an important part of people’s lives, there is a growing demand for creative designers. The creative elements involved within the digital sector are often overlooked and it is usually the case that skills gained in other areas such as art and design can be transferred. Voters in the JM Digital poll thought that creative design was very likely to be the next hot skill with 33% choosing it. UX User experience UX professionals are trained to create user experiences that are engaging, useful and tailored to the job at hand and this is why they are in such demand. The user experience allows companies to interact with their clients and so when done right, it can be invaluable to success. The UX User experience scored highest in the JM Digital poll with an impressive 54%. JM Digital is a recruitment company that specialises in IT based careers across the digital media sector. Those looking to put their skills to good use or thinking of starting a new career can contact JM Digital for an unsurpassable service.