What Digital Trends To Expect This Year

Digital media is constantly changing and by its very nature thrives on continuous progression. This means that it can be hard – although very exciting – to keep up with the latest ‘thing.’ 2012 was a boom year for digital trends and we saw cross channel marketing strategies gaining ground with tie-ups across many forms of media. Social sharing also mushroomed in 2012, with sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr steaming ahead in terms of users, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter began to be incorporated into everyday business life, from customer service provision through to recruitment. 2012 was also the year that saw an increased focus on video marketing, and content and search engine optimisation. So, what to expect from the digital world in 2013? Here are some of our predicted trends. Content is Key – 2013 is likely to be the year in which your web content defines your success, as Google’s crack down on the use of recycled, non-unique content continues. This year, the best way to get your site to climb the rankings is to populate it with interesting, fresh and compelling content, which makes 2013 the year of the content economy. High quality content gets search results and this is being widely acknowledged by businesses everywhere, from Coca Cola to Oreo and Facebook. Personal computing – and then some – gadgets are going up a gear in 2013 as we begin to subscribe more and more to the ethos that we need ‘an app for that’ (or a gadget for that). Think Nike’s fuel bands, or the new ski goggles which will calculate – James Bond style – how fast you’re going and where you are, as well as syncing with your phone. If you have ever envisaged a future of technology considerably advancing human abilities, then it might well be just around the corner. Smobile – that’s ‘Social + Mobile’ to you and me – is going to continue to gather some serious momentum in 2013. This means that businesses need to be geared up towards the expectations of their customers that every element of their interface will be optimised for mobile and social sharing. New sites like Vine, where users can instantly video and post content, will continue to push the boundaries in terms of what we can do on the move, creating even more expectation of an on demand business environment. 4G – the much-anticipated launch of 4G is due this summer, with nationwide services on six UK networks arriving six months earlier than anticipated. 4G networks will enable a much quicker internet connection for phones than the current 3G network, which will be a lumbering beast by comparison. JM Digital is a London based recruitment company catering for a range of different clients. We are very focused on remaining up to date with the latest digital marketing advancements so we can meet our clients’ increasing digital needs. More and more businesses are realising the added value of fully exploiting their digital potential and have been approaching us to find the right candidates to help achieve this.