The motivators behind top technical talent

Whatever the economic climate, recruiting top technical talent is always going to present a challenge. When skills and expertise get to a certain level, particularly in the more niche areas, the competition to secure individuals who are considered top in their field is fierce. For those businesses looking to fill UX jobs and UI jobs with the most impressive candidates, the solution isn’t always simply to throw money at the candidate – there are other significant motivators that a candidate looking for a developer job will also take into consideration. Digital drivers – the best talent is often attracted to those businesses with specific digital agendas or problems to solve. They tend to seek out organisations where the work that comes under the UX jobs and UI jobs description really matters to the rest of the business, to the wider sector and the world beyond. Whilst every company will try and offer a candidate their dream role, those that can demonstrate real world demands and the potential to make a genuine impact are likely to have more success. Vision – especially after a certain level, most candidates are not simply looking for a nine to five with a salary at the end of every month. They are also much more likely to want to be in tune with the business vision, working for a company whose culture and philosophy they identify with and which is similar to their own. They may have a passion to see certain changes in the digital field, which could be one of the reasons why they do what they do, and most will want to know that the work they will do will actually make a difference to the course of the business and the industry. To this end, setting out business strategy and short term plans for the company will give a candidate a great snapshot of where the business is and where it’s going. It’s also useful to make direct connections early on, for example if they are interested in an Android developer job then connect them to people working in teams that might pique their interest from the start. Environment – for those candidates with a choice of UX jobs and UI jobs, it’s far more likely that someone will pick a strong, positive business environment where they will feel at home, rather than a non-cooperative, combative war zone where it’s hard to get anything done. Key here is the relationships between the different levels of staff, whether the workforce as a whole is plugged into the vision of the company, and of course whether the hours that go into getting a developer job done are fulfilling and ultimately feel worth it. Try introducing promising candidates to a few of those within the business who appreciate and understand the company culture and environment so they can pass this knowledge on and give the most positive picture of the business as a whole. It’s not just salary and bonuses that motivate candidates, but also other factors such as those above. A business that offers more than just a day job will be a much more attractive prospect to highly skilled talent and is likely to have a much easier time hiring the best candidates. photo credit: Kevin Krejci via photopin cc