Movember, a new look and a new job

JM Digital Movember Only if you haven’t got a social media account could you not have noticed that the annual ‘Movember’ has rolled around once again and Twitter feeds are full of men attempting moustaches with varying degrees of success. This annual event is designed to raise awareness and funds to go towards fighting various men’s health causes, such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer, as well as encouraging group solidarity on the basis of unprecedented facial hair growth. In addition to this being the ideal month to grow a moustache, November is also a great time to start thinking about a new job to go with that new look. Once December hits we will all be far too busy enjoying Christmas parties and the festivities themselves, and what with all the days most people take off over Christmas it’s not a great time to be chasing for responses to CVs etc. This is why November is the ideal month to reassess your career situation, and to perhaps start making some changes if you aren’t really where you want to be. So, whilst you’re cultivating that moustache this month, have a think about whether you might like to start the year 2014 with a brand new and exciting job (and maybe even keep the facial hair too). You can get ahead of the game by starting a job search now, as this tends to be the time that many are starting to wind down from job hunting and so are perhaps paying less attention to opportunities as they come up. Start by giving your CV an overhaul – make sure that all the information on it is up to date and it gives the best possible impression of your skills and experience so far. Next, review your social media profiles to see how they might help or hinder your applications – perhaps make any personal Twitter or Facebook profiles private so they can’t be seen by anyone you haven’t approved, and start making the most of LinkedIn to make connections and to publicise your profile to any potential employers who look at it. JM Digital is a specialist digital recruiter with numerous exciting jobs on offer in the run up to Christmas, for example a range of roles for iOS developers. Whilst our staff are certainly supporting Movember (you can sponsor us here if you’d like to), we will still have plenty of time to help you find that perfect role so that you can enjoy a fresh start in 2014 – with or without the moustache.