‘Twelve Days’ of What You Want from Your New Job

JM Digital Christmas When it comes to what makes us happy, no two people are exactly the same. But there is some truth behind there being certain things that come into most people’s minds when asked the question. This is by no means exclusive to our home lives either, especially when we spend so much of our time at work. So, as Christmas fast approaches, now is a good time to write your own list of what you would like from your new job, and how it can be achieved. Here are a few suggestions of what to think about. 1. Work-to-life balance. It’s becoming more prevalent as people wise up to the potential damage that working unnecessarily long hours can cause to themselves and their families. 2. Wellbeing is essential. If you are to stay healthy enough to do your best in any job, and spending time with your loved ones is just as important. That said you might be a go-getting workaholic who gets a kick out of high-pressured situations and imposing deadlines. 3. Freelance, flexi-time and contract work is ideal for those who like control over their hours, though rarely offers the same company benefits and job security. 4. See if the companies you want to work for are supportive of remote employees rather than calling them into an office unnecessarily. The key in any case is defining what works for you and finding a company that offers it. 5. Going to work often means spending a lot of time with the same people and you have every right to include ‘good relationships’ on your wish list. Of course, the chances are you will not know who they are until your first day there. 6. Ask some questions in your interview about the dynamics between staff, especially if you are applying for a role where you will be responsible for others. 7. If they don’t already offer, ask to be shown around the building so you can gauge the general atmosphere, is there a room to eat your lunch and enjoy a brief period of peace and quiet? 8. The location of the company. How long will it take you to get there including traffic? Location will often determine the type of people who work there also. 9. If you are a freelance or contract worker then do some networking and see if anyone you know has had experience with this company. Reputation speaks volumes. 10. Which brings us to a central consideration: the company and job itself. 11. What is the company’s ethos? Is it one you can see yourself fitting into? 12. Are they conscientious about their place in the wider world? Creative, intellectual people need to be challenged and treated as individuals in their own right if they are to flourish. The more we progress into our careers, the more important it is that we ensure our own personal ideals and values match those of the people and brand we work for. As our last blog discussed, it is important that you are proactive with your job search. However, it is always worth taking the time to really understand what it is you want from your career in order to get the most out of it. As specialist recruiters for the digital sector, JM Digital can offer expert assistance to clients and candidates alike. Call us to book a consultation, or look on our website.