Last Present to Your Boss: Your Resignation

JM Resignation Searching and applying for a new job is a process that takes a lot of time and attention. As a result, many people find themselves overlooking one important thing: leaving the job you currently have. Whatever your reasons for handing in your resignation, you must remember two crucial points. Firstly, you are likely to have a minimum notice that must be adhered to, so read your contract and make sure you take this into account. Secondly, nearly all new employers require a reference from your previous job. So instead of storming into your manager’s office to tell them exactly what you think, take a deep breath and plan the best way to make your exit without burning any bridges. The most essential part of any resignation is the letter you give to your company to officially tell them that you are planning to leave. Like any written communication of this ilk, it should be clear, calm and professional, without any spelling or grammatical errors. The content itself will depend on your relationship with the company, but in most instances the best option will be to keep it short and to the point, saving any personal comments for a face-to-face conversation after the official protocol has been met. Key points to include are notice that you are leaving and when this will happen. A brief note of thanks is a good way to complete the letter. If you are leaving on good terms then you will no doubt have the desire and freedom to have an informal chat with the relevant people about your reasons for going. Any last minute words of positivity on your behalf are likely to work in your favour when it comes to getting a reference, cutting your notice period, or keeping valuable contacts you have made during your time there. On the contrary, if there is animosity and acrimony involved, the best thing you can do is take the higher ground and walk away with your integrity intact. An angry display of emotional negativity will impact your reference and make working your notice period near on impossible. Moreover, it will not look good on your professional profile should word spread against you. Whether you have been working as a permanent member of staff, or in a freelance or contract role, it is important that you take your position seriously and offer any necessary help in handing over your workload and responsibilities. Again, this will only work in your favour when it comes to getting that reference, keeping old colleagues on your side. As experts in our field, JM Digital offers its candidates personal and professional assistance at each and every stage of the employment process – from the initial search, to handing in your resignation. Contact us to see how we can help you with your digital career.