Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is by far the most widely used professional networking site currently available. So it makes sense to invest a little time in making your profile as good as it can be. It is, in effect, your shop window – enabling potential employers, recruiters, clients and customers to see what you are all about before they make a commitment to you. To really optimise your LinkedIn experience, it is important that you know exactly why and how you want to use the site. Think of your job search as a marketing campaign and make a note of all the things you need to consider. You are a brand, so balance image with substance and be consistent at all times. First let us cover the basics: a clean layout with a decent photograph is far better than messy clumps of text and a pixilated picture of you looking a little worse for wear on a night out. Image is especially important for anyone working in creative or design jobs. Spelling and grammar is absolutely paramount, and there really is no excuse for typos either. Just remember that this is a professional profile above all else and should come across as such. Every time you appear on LinkedIn, your personal headline or tagline will also be visible. You therefore need to be clear as to what you want people to see you as. These words will also be of significant value to your SEO ranking when employers are scouting out new talent so anticipate it by listing the job you want rather than the one you have. When it comes to job searching, LinkedIn is a two-way street. Not only does it give you a chance to scope out companies you want to work for, it allows them to do the same when on the hunt for new employees. For this reason you need to realise the value of keywords, giving your profile the same level of SEO treatment as you would to any other site content aimed at attracting visitors. Clearly defining your preferred job title and skill set, as well as any relevant industries it could apply to, is a good way to compile a list of keywords that can be integrated into the text on your profile. Try to imagine what employers will be typing into the search box and include those words on your pages. Another way of bringing your LinkedIn profile up to speed is to include any relevant links to sites that can verify your work including your own website if you have one. This is particularly useful for digital and media portfolio-based professions such as web development, design, editing, journalism and copywriting. Keeping your content regularly updated will ensure anyone who visits your profile more than once can see that you are proactive. If you are using LinkedIn to aid your job search then make sure you are visible by changing your contact settings. Now is also a good time to approach your current and former employers and work colleagues to ask for recommendations. JM Digital specialises in recruiting professionals in the digital sector. We are experienced, efficient and highly personable and will do everything we can to ensure our candidates are placed in positions that match their qualifications and job requirements. If you would like to book a consultation with one of our team then please get in touch.