Who Are The Digital Superheroes in the Digital World?

You don’t have to have actual superpowers to be a superhero these days, as there are many ways to be exceptional without the ability to read minds or physically overpower your enemies. In fact, we think that some of the players in the digital world bear a striking resemblance to some of our favourite comic book characters… Elon Musk – Iron Man. The South African-born Canadian-American business magnate is responsible for some of the most prominent digital inventions of the past couple of decades, including PayPal, Tesla cars and Raspberry Pi. Like his superhero comparator – Tony Stark – he is a creative genius and inventor extraordinaire and is currently working on building a reusable space tourist rocket. Apple – The Hulk. Whilst we wouldn’t want to speculate on what happens to the big guns at Apple when they get angry, there’s an undeniable similarity between the green giant’s massive muscle power and the way that Apple has built its own significant strength. Whilst not as green as the comic book character, there’s no doubt that the tech monster is in a league of its own, able to do pretty much as it pleases – and smashing it every time! Microsoft – Thor. In the digital world, where flashes in the pan are frequent, Microsoft – like Thor – will be a brand that stands the test of time. They’re an industry leader with tremendous presence and of course they drop that awesome hammer every now and again, just to remind us where the power lies. Google – Loki. Particularly given the fairly recent furore over Google’s slightly sneaky handling of privacy issues we think the Marvel super villain is the ideal choice for this search engine giant. They’re enigmatic, mercurial and just a little bit mischievous, as well as being one of the greatest super villains of all time. Samsung – The Black Widow. The subtle nature of the impact of telecoms giant Samsung makes it the perfect comparison for The Black Widow character. The company does much more than you might initially think and is far more capable than given credit for – might just surprise you. Facebook – Hawkeye. The significant social media force is omnipresent with well over a billion users. Just like Hawkeye, it watches over everything and then pitches in just when the moment requires it. Blackberry – Captain America. Whilst this ‘digital superhero’ might not be all that 21st century it’s still here. Just like Captain America, Blackberry constantly falls short on savvy but still manages to survive – and thrive – in the modern world. If you’re looking to forge your own digital superhero path then interaction with these forces in the industry is essential. For information and advice on success in the digital world across sectors like visual design and IA/user design experience, JM Digital is well placed to help – contact one of our team today.