Job Seeking – is it Affected by the Change in Season?

The seasons are changing and we’re once again moving into the colder months and there are many reasons why this can affect the lives of job seekers. With the kids going back to school, the distractions of summer far behind us and the expensive Christmas season on the horizon there’s plenty of motivation to start searching for that perfect new role so that you can be sitting pretty when the new year arrives. So, if you’re currently looking for UX Jobs, here are a few tips on how to give yourself the best chance of getting the role that you want. There’s no time like now – many people spend too long trying to calculate when the best time of year is likely to be to start the process of applying for a new job. While you can waste hours on calculations like this, the reality is that there’s no time like now. Practically speaking, recruitment tends to pick up anyway around September after the summer slowdown but whenever you’re looking to make a change is the time that you need to take action. Don’t sit around losing motivation and confidence, act now! Networking means making contact – one of the best ways to present yourself as a great potential candidate is via actively networking. This doesn’t necessarily mean blustering in and pretending you know everything about UI web design and ecommerce – it’s actually far more effective to start by finding those whose work you admire, sharing that admiration and asking for advice. Bring yourself onto the radar of those you want to work with early and you’ll be first on the list when an opportunity arises. It’s not just about passion – the conventional wisdom is to do something that you love to be happy in your job but this doesn’t always bear fruit. For many people, choosing a role in UX design, for example, can become a vocation even though initially it may have appeared a more practical decision. Passion can burn out so choose a role that is still going to challenge and excite you in the years to come. If that means broadening out your job search now then be opened minded to all the potential possibilities. Create your own role – if the UX jobs out there aren’t exactly where you want then why not try to create that dream job yourself. This may sound ambitious but it is possible to do. Study your dream company and identify some unsolved problems or challenges, come up with a solution and offer it up for free. You’re bringing yourself to the attention of the business this way and even if there isn’t a role available, you’re demonstrating the kind of talent that an employer might be willing to step outside the box to retain.