Top SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2015

The world of SEO has continued to change and evolve for as long as it has existed. Every year we see new trends, new strategies and new regulations, keeping businesses forever on their toes. Here is our own outlook for the SEO trends of 2015.

Less Text, More Visual

Despite SEO being dictated by words, the rise and success of visual content is undeniable. Infographics, videos and memes have dominated our screens for months now and this looks set to continue. The result will be that Google adjusts its policies to accommodate this, being fully aware that users are sick of reading dry text.

Semantic Search

Whilst this concept is nothing new (Google's Hummingbird took into account the semantics of whole sentences typed into the search bar back in 2013) it is certainly influencing the advance of the human search. As technology develops, so does our relationship with it and conversational queries are on the rise. Keywords will need to include long tail and LSI (latent semantic indexing) if they are to be effective.

Mobile Search Optimisation

According to Google, half of all mobile searches have local intent: people looking to make an in-store purchase nearby. Likewise, there are also more and more people who only use their mobiles to go online. It is therefore predicted that mobile search optimisation will become a priority for businesses looking to up their rankings and tap into a growing market.

Securing Link Profiles

Negative SEO continues to plague businesses left, right and centre, despite the increased intelligence of search engines. This is why it is more important than ever for companies to secure their link profiles, keeping close eye on each and every link that appears on their sites. It is ruthless out there but a site that is clearly genuine is a lot less likely to be penalised for a couple of bad links.

Social Media Ranking

The debate on whether or not social signals influence search ranking has gone on for long enough. However, social media sites are where businesses should really be looking as they have the power to outrank actual websites. 2015 will see companies placing less emphasis on getting people to their website first and more on simply having consumers click on any link that takes them to a company page. If you are an SEO Account Manager looking for a new job, JM digital offers specialist recruitment services and advice. Just see our website for more details.