Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

local seo

Thanks to the developing intelligence of search engines and mobile technology, the power of local has seen something of a renaissance. Any business or organisation, large or small, can boost its SEO by following a few simple steps. Include an Address in All Online Platforms Without an address, you cannot rank in local search results, unless you work extra hard on your localised keywords. Not only should you have an accurate address on your site, but also on all relevant online platforms. The more pages you can list your address and local phone number, the better your local search ranking will be. Look at the layout of your website and see how you can include contact information at the top or bottom of every page.  Add Your Business to Google+ Local Listing your business contact details on Google+ Local, or taking control of any that it already has, will put you at an immediate advantage. Simply go to and sign in with any existing Google account or create a new one. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your primary phone number and address, and any other details. Go Multimedia While keywords remain important, they become even stronger when linked to variety of media. People on the lookout for a particular product in their area are just as likely to check out the Images tab on Google, as they are the Web results. Use text, pictures and video to give your ranking an extra push and use all three on your Google+ Local page too. Use Google Maps Search for your business’s location on Google Maps and click the Link button to get the embed code for the map. Add this map to your website, on the same page that is listed for your Google+ Local page. Separate Your Locations If you operate in different areas, give each one its own page on your website and then customise its optimisation with keywords specific to that area. Try to make the content of each page as original as possible to avoid getting penalised by Google. Check the Usability of Your Site Does your website work on different devices? Is it responsive? Is it simple to navigate? If not then it’s time to invest in a web designer who can adjust the code to make it more user friendly. Things to look out for are horizontal scrolling and links and boxes too small to tap on a touchscreen device. If you work in User Experience Design, Visual Design, Web Design and Development and are looking for a new venture then please get in touch. JM Digital is a specialist recruitment agency, working closely with candidates in the digital field.