Tech-driven jobs you won’t believe exist

tech-jobs-that-exist There’s no doubt that technology has changed the face of our world in so many ways, including the different options that there are for making a living. There’s a whole range of weird and creative jobs that exist today that would have been completely inconceivable a decade ago. If you’re looking for an inspired change in career then here are a few of the most exciting:

Flying drones (or a Certified UAV pilot)

For many of us, drones are something we associate with the military but they are about to have a much wider impact – everything from taking photos through to delivering packages can potentially be done by drones and with the likes of Amazon already adding them to their delivery options, this looks like a pretty secure job for those looking for a role with transferrable skills.

Augmented reality architect

Virtual reality is not new but this exciting technology has potential uses across a whole wide range of different industries. Whether you want to apply your skills to films, music videos or video games, or a different industry entirely, such as healthcare or property, this is one skill set that’s only going to increase in value over the next few years.

3D printing

The technology behind 3D printing has yet to really take hold of the mainstream consumer mindset but it’s already gaining momentum with businesses looking for its efficient and economic precision. We have already seen 3D printing on the runways of the world and the potential for this technology to be applied across sectors is huge from the food industry to accessories and machinery. Given that the technology behind 3D printing can only improve and develop, it’s an industry on the up and those who are able to make it happen could be in great demand.

Quantified self assessment auditor

This may not sound like a particularly fun or engaging job but the quantified self assessment auditor is essentially the digital driven version of the personal trainer. This role is built around an ability to analyse all the statistics that we now generate about ourselves in our daily routines, from heart rate to miles walked and calories consumed. The quantified self assessment auditor uses the data that has been gathered by an individual piece of wearable tech and uses it to produce tailored diet and fitness plans. Whether these appeal to you or not, there realm of tech jobs is a growing one – if you’d like some help finding the right role for you then get in touch with the team at JM Group.