5 Ways You Can Improve Your Digital Skills Today

jmblog When it comes to getting ahead in the job seeking game, digital skills have never been so valuable. Which is why it is worth investing the time into giving your own digital skillset a little boost. Whether you already have a few which just need refreshing, or are looking to start with the basics, there are plenty of routes to take to get you back up to speed that needn’t cost you a penny. Here are just a few: LinkedIn Training Course It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become the go-to place for professional networking. It’s therefore well worth getting your head around the site and how it works, so you can really optimise its many resources. Learn how to make the most of your profile so you can stand out to prospective employers, as well as joining groups and contributing your own material. This course by Social Media Training breaks it all down into 26 bite-sized lessons, free of charge. Social/Digital Media Marketing  Whether you are a regular Tweeter or completely adverse to the whole concept of social and digital media, one thing’s for certain – it’s big business and unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Employers are frequently looking for candidates who can represent the company in the online sphere, and contribute to marketing ideas. Knowing how to boost posts and increase your number of followers is actually a viable skill in this day and age. There are countless online courses that range from basic tuition to a diploma certification. Computer Science and Programming  Even the least tech-minded people could learn how to code, given the right tuition. In a world starved of IT professionals, any form of computer-based skills on your CV will instantly catch employers’ attention. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and into the 21st Century with a course such as MIT’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Google Analytics  Any company with online presence (which is pretty much everyone nowadays) will benefit from the use of Google Analytics. Getting savvy in this field will therefore make you immensely valuable. If you are completely new to it all then fear not – there are courses for beginners that will get you up to speed in no time. With 20 lectures totalling 3.5 hours, this Udemy course is a good place to start. Writing for the Web  Writing content for the Web is very different to producing traditional print-based media and even personal emails. Everything needs to be optimised, hash-tagged and hyperlinked. Not to mention engaging and informative. Courses such as this one from Open2Study will teach you everything you need to know.