lINKEDIN Let’s get one thing straight.  A professional and complete LinkedIn profile is essential in today’s competitive environment. To ensure you aren’t losing out on major career opportunities you want to be attracting attention – the good kind – from potential employers and recruiters.  You therefore need to think of your LinkedIn profile as your online CV and no different to a company’s website homepage.  It needs to consist of a targeted message designed to attract a specific audience, leading them to perform a particular action.  Sometimes people really win at this, sometimes they fail miserably. So ask yourself - is your LinkedIn profile working for you?  How many times has your profile been viewed this week?  How many InMails have you received?  If the answer is not many, then maybe now is the time to take action. You should have already created your profile, containing a killer summary (keep it short and punchy), your career history, including skills and strengths, plus a professional photo (remembering this is LinkedIn, not Facebook or Instagram). You then need to start getting endorsements as these help build credibility and push you up the LinkedIn rankings.  In the same way that SEO works for websites, be sure to talk about the keyword phrases that feature within your page in order to give your profile maximum exposure.  Join in relevant conversations, network with your peers and connect with prospects in order to get your profile as near to the top spot as possible. Finally don’t forget to join LinkedIn groups related to your industry.  It’s a great way to showcase your expertise by creating posts, sharing articles and engaging in discussions. Making your profile work for you will take a fair amount of your time but once done you can step back, relax, make the occasional update and then wait for those InMails to arrive.