Cyber Security - We Are Under Attack!

In the world of organised cybercrime, its not a question of whether your systems will be breached but when. The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks are on the increase with 90% of companies having reported a security breach in the last year. Instead of simple viruses that erase data, businesses are now experiencing advancing attacks whereby malware operates silently for weeks or even months at a time.  Armed with data, attackers are then able to reduce productivity or disable remotely controlled software or equipment. The rapid growth and adoption of the Internet of Things is one of the biggest challenges in the future of cyber security. As the world becomes more connected via the internet and smart systems, so the risk of an insecure network increases. The IoT space is being designed primarily with convenience and is engineered with security as an afterthought. For every pound businesses spend improving defence, hackers spend another building exploits. For this reason, more must be done to close the current skills gap in cyber security by supporting new professionals and university programs. So how are firms responding to these threats? Cyber criminals are rapidly multiplying and their tactics are evolving but businesses do not have the skilled individuals they need to anticipate vulnerabilities. Despite most companies having been infiltrated in some way, many are still not ready for a cyberattack. Most businesses are reactive, addressing the threats they face, but are not seeking to understand the threats that may just be around the corner. The future of cyber security is: nothing is safe. Online attacks show no sign of slowing down and businesses would be wise to pay attention to cyber security trends and proactively strengthen their defences. If you would like to discuss job opportunities within Cyber Security please call 020 7251 7300 or email