The Internet of Things - Forget the hype this is the reality

The JM Group were invited to exhibit at the IP EXPO, Europe's leading IT event covering Cloud, Cyber Security, Networks and Infrastructure, Data Analytics, DevOps and Open Source. The event showcased senior level insights from across the industry discussing the latest technologies and techniques.  One of the speakers providing such insights was Jean Turgeon, VP and Chief Technologist of Avaya, who presented a keynote speech about the security concerns raised by the Internet of Things.  His insightful presentation is summarised below.

Adding millions of new devices, hardware endpoints, and billions of lines of code, along with more infrastructure to cope with this load is, unsurprisingly, creating a vast set of security challenges across all areas of the IoT a set of challenges the scale of which we haven't seen before. Fortunately, the technology industry is working hard to address these issues, and from the network side there are many lessons we can apply from the Internet and BYOD-ready networks. Let's face it: the days of a fixed network edge, defined by office and a few home workers using corporate laptops is long gone. And we've been living the last several years with the borderless networkÔÇŁor as I like to call it, the Everywhere Perimeter. 

At Avaya, we've built on our fabric networking technology to create a solution that addresses this challenge, providing a layer that seamlessly manages segmentation, stealth and elasticity across the organization. This approach makes securing the everywhere perimeter much more practical. If all this sounds like gobbledygook, I can assure you it isn't. Here's an example of how it works: if an IP phone is plugged in, the voice network is automatically and securely extended. If a video surveillance camera is plugged in, the surveillance network is extended. When devices and objects are unplugged, the network retracts, eliminating potential back door entry points to the network. What this means is that organisations can hide much of their networks while protecting those elements that remain visible. The end result: you can't hack what you can't see, so businesses can avoid many of the conventional hooks and tools that hackers seek to exploit, while at the same time engaging with their customers and employees in an agile and timely manner via the IoT. Jean Turgeon, Avaya If you would like to discuss opportunities within the cyber security space please call 0207 251 7300 or email