Why Work in Recruitment?

What used to be viewed as a less than desirable career option is increasingly becoming the profession of choice, made attractive by its image as a fast-paced people business.  In this blog we take a look at why choosing a career in recruitment has become so appealing.
  1. Competitive Salary and Great Perks
One of the main draws to the industry is that if you succeed in recruitment then your earning potential is vast.  With often uncapped commission schemes and impressive incentives such as all expenses paid holidays abroad, it is easy to see why more people are seeking out a career in recruitment.  One of our Consultants earned over £200k last year and you could do the same!
  1. Fast Progression
The opportunity for promotion in this industry is second to none.  Performance is easily measurable - produce good results and you can expect to be climbing the career ladder well before you would in another role.
  1. Rewarding
Recruitment changes lives.  Literally.  What could be more rewarding than that?
  1. Social Environment
Recruiting is all about engaging with your candidates and clients, so if you enjoy speaking to people both over the telephone and face-to-face then recruitment is a good career choice for you.  It involves building lasting relationships with your contacts, understanding their needs and using your knowledge to help them.
  1. Competitive and Varied
As a recruiter, filling each role is like entering into a competition with your competitors.  When you successfully fill these roles it is energising, exhilarating and exciting!  You’ll face a variety of assignments and challenges with every new position you work on, keeping the job interesting and continually challenging. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?  The JM Group are actively looking to recruit:
  • Associate Recruitment Consultants – if you are a recent graduate who is driven, enjoys a challenge and would like to join one of the most established and well respected recruitment companies in the UK then we want to hear from you.
  • Experience Consultants with a proven track record of developing business and delivering a range of quality recruitment solutions.
Email your CV to us today or call us 020 7251 7300.