5 Tips to be a Digital Hero

To be honest, I hate using the word digital. To me saying that a company is digital is about as useful as saying it runs on electricity. It’s what you do with digital technology to achieve your organization's goals that makes the difference. Digital should be part of the DNA of the organization and not a department, channel or role. Here are 5 simple tips will help drive success in your organization and make you a (digital) hero: 1. Identify and understand the problems This is so trivial but yet incredible important and frequently ignored. Companies, governments and other organizations try to solve problems without understanding them. The first step of solving any challenge, with our without technology, is to identify and understand the problem(s). I use plural because we often jump on the first problem when there are several. There's a myriad of great tools to identify problems including the 5 Whys, Customer Journey mapping, Customer Research, and more. 2. Be inspired and challenged by great people The honest truth is that most people are comfortable with what they have and know. The unknown and change is frightening. But to survive in the current competitive, fast-moving world we need to challenge ourselves to consider other points of view, think differently, and to change fundamentals. These are a few ways you can challenge yourself: • Follow people on Twitter and LinkedIn such as Tom Goodwin, Martin Lindstrom and Benedict Evans • Meet and hire partners that will challenge you (and don’t always agree) • Talk to the competition's customers