What is IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment, no matter what the industry, organisation or position, is both a subtle art and an exact science. It requires not only an exceptional understanding of the position and the qualities it necessitates, but an inherent understanding of people and the social alchemy of the team. The ICT recruitment process can be very exciting, offering businesses the chance to meet interesting, intelligent and highly qualified candidates who are positively bursting with enthusiasm and potential.

However, it can also be an extraordinarily long-drawn out process. One that results in distraction, disruption and downtime for small businesses that they can ill-afford. In the IT sector, one that is frequently populated with small businesses trying to fulfil the needs of various corporate clients, handling their own recruitment involves an expenditure of time, effort and resources that they simply cannot afford to spare. Hence, when they have recruitment needs, they turn to outsourced third parties.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO does exactly what it says on the tin. It outsources the recruitment of both permanent and temporary personnel in whole or in part to dedicated recruitment companies. As well as handling new permanent and temporary hires, RPO providers can also help with workforce planning, employer brand consultation, vendor planning and supply chain management and strategic sourcing to name but a few.

What are the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Nascent IT companies might be reticent to outsource their recruitment process. After all, their brand is built around doing things their way. Who understands their own needs better than they do, themselves? However, using RPO actually has a number of discrete benefits for IT firms...

They know exactly what to look for

RPO providers actually have an excellent understanding of the ICT industry and work with legions of businesses of all shapes and sizes. They work collaboratively with firms to determine the needs of the company and the position as well as their properties for candidates. As dedicated service providers who deal with IT candidates every day they know exactly what qualities to look for and find the people who match them quickly. Which brings us to...

Reduce Time-To-Hire

Reducing time-to-hire helps to ensure that the new candidate is onboarded quickly and seamlessly for optimal productivity and minimal downtime. When firms manage their own recruitment time-to-hire is much longer, but RPO providers have a much more streamlined and efficient recruitment process to candidates can get to work quickly.

Makes compliance and risk-management easier

Every potential new hire represents a compliance and risk vulnerability. Fortunately, outsourced recruiters have an inherent understanding of the compliance issues inherent in your industry and can take the legwork out of ensuring that new hires meet all your compliance and risk-management needs.

Recruitment is just the beginning

RPO suppliers don’t just find you quality candidates. They offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions including forecasting, sourcing, assessing, placing, on-boarding, and reporting using sophisticated analytics tools so employers can quantify the return on their investment.

Whether you’re in charge of an IT company or an IT graduate looking for new opportunities with the employer who will unlock the future of your career, an RPO supplier is worth checking out.

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